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Edgar Rodriguez has spent over 15+ years creating breakthroughs and improving outcomes


  • Improve operations, implement systems and remove bottlenecks so that you get your time back

  • Hire and train the right team and eliminate people problems

  • Grow your business with bigger and better clients

  • Overcome cash flow issues and improve your financial management

  • Make better decisions and become more profitable


As a Business Owner, you understand the pivotal role of driving growth and success. Master The Network, spearheaded by Edgar and his team, are dedicated to enhancing this crucial aspect of your business.

We specialize in empowering business owners in crucial areas such as Leadership, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Team management, aligning business strategies with these key facets. Embrace the opportunity to revolutionize your business approach with Master The Network. Learn more about how the team can assist you in elevating your business and achieving real results.

Unlock the potential of your business with our expert guidance!

Our business coaching program is designed with a track record of success, having delivered exceptional results to over 200+ satisfied clients. Imagine the growth and efficiency your business could achieve with the same proven strategies and personalized support that have empowered hundreds of other businesses to thrive.

The Owner’s Metric: The One Number You Need to Be Truly Free

While you can’t buy happiness, you can buy personal freedom. It comes from having enough wealth set aside that your work becomes a choice, not an obligation.

The fastest way to build the wealth you need to do “whatever you want whenever you want to”?

Focus on the Owner’s Metric.

FREE: Networking Tactics E-Book

Networking is the business 101. It is the act of forming business relationships where you can share ideas and seek potential partners for future business ventures. If you’re not networking, then you’re missing out on a great tool for your business that could help you become more knowledgeable, gain new clients, and spread the word about your business

The Power of Connecting With People

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A connection can either be forced or it can be attracted. One way is not better than another and you may find yourself implementing both strategies at one time or another. A forced connection is one where you are active in going to places to network, such as groups, and actively engaging participants there in order to meet more people.


If you are intrigued to learn more about the positive impact Master The Network has had on hundreds of business professionals across the nation, send us a quick note requesting more info.

Imagine a business built on a strong foundation, driven by intentional learning, sustained understanding, and effective execution.

With our tailored coaching programs, you can achieve this transformation and turn your business into a powerful driver of success.

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